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contemporary jewelry - objects and artistic models since 2000 in Barcelona.

In limited series my jewels and models are created from precious materials such as gold and silver or also with iron, bronze, methacrylates, wood, marble and resins. Through a geometric and abstract language, my projects are born from a reflection of constructions and artistic objects, enabling new readings and interpretations.

Oscar Abba Studio joyas de autor

"Quisiera presentar mi trabajo por medio de dos parábolas, una de Paul Valery, para quien los objetos que salen de las pruebas del fuego, a menudo representan toda la historia de un planeta, al ser una Tierra o un Marte habitables no más que unos cuerpos enfriados, acaso sean obras inciertas, rara y difícilmente conseguidas...las artes del fuego serian las más venerables de todas, al imitar tan exactamente la operación trascendente de un Demiurgo."

Oscar Abba

Oscar Abba is a goldsmith, a discipline in which he applies his intellectual concerns, In his Piezas de plata y oro he investigates through a geometric language, a conceptual path based on a geometric operation of the configuration of objects, and as a cosmological ideological key, signal of belonging to a world of ideas typical of Deleuze's ideas about the anti-Cartesian space, which in turn have their origin in Leibniz, and therefore his anti-classical system of ideas.

Oscar Abba's activity is developed through a formal investigation into the generation
of objects and pieces of contemporary jewelry, which show a vision of reality from complexity and that can reach its fullness of meaning while lacking meaning, where abstract formal conventions and their iconic coverings disappear in favor of a geometric exploration.

Currently his series of works in silver and gold develop a geometric discourse
characterized by the successive movement of lines and planes, which modeling voids
turn into rings, pendants, brooches or earrings.
His work follows a conceptual course, carried out with patient and unmistakable meticulousness.
Since 2003 he has his studio in Barcelona.



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