Internazionale Donna Città di Roma Award

Internazionale Donna Città di Roma Award

Campidoglio brooch,  gold

I see a line, the line that draws the form in its presence and in its absence. Its own limit consists of being united with time, that happens with history itself. It’s linear and evolves in time. A line can implode or explode. We can see the perfect example of symbolic architecture in the Campidoglio, because of its simultaneous expansion in space. It has transformed one of the greatest expressions in the concept of space, that man has conceived.

Michelangelo wanted to express pleasingly the meaning that during centuries had been attributed to the concept of the Campidoglio. As a cosmocreator, the emperor placed himself in the center of the composition. The Campidoglio not only represents the center of the world for us, but also is the center of the goings and comings that gives the meaning to the contents of our lives. Here man feels existence as a significant relation,

how ever problematic, between oneself and the world he belongs. This assures us that the attribute of the lines exist already in the world and that our work is just to reveal these qualities. Here exist a condition that provoke the final changes of our lines into something that didn’t exist before, where another line rises as a figure of the investigation, change and transformation.

How is the line generated and where does it come from?

There is no possibility to get to the exact origin of a line. We can talk of many diverse times that have been raised by the breakdown of a line and still being capable to perceive the times with curiosity for an experimental search of our memory.